Changing systems

Whether replacing old systems or migrating to new environments – we support your company’s needs in all stages of the process.

Replacement of legacy systems

At some point, even the best systems eventually become outdated and no longer meet the requirements or the expectations of the user. The IT department is then faced with the twin tasks of maintaining and continuing the development of the legacy system during the transition, as well as designing and developing a new system.

Often, departments use external or in-house applications for business-critical operations that are not supported by the IT department nor sufficiently documented.

DMC migration services can support you during this stage by:

  • Taking over the responsibility of maintaining the legacy system
  • Analysis and reverse engineering that allows the documentation of the current state (e.g. for QM certification)
  • Create a target concept and select the new system
  • Developing, or adapting and implementing the new system
  • Data cleansing and data migration
  • Quality management and project management